Relational Psychotherapy

Relational psychotherapy is a powerful, effective model for working with individuals who suffer from emotional, psychological, and/or relational distress. Emotional well-being depends on having a satisfying mutual relationships with others.

Everyone has times where they need to talk to someone about issues that may be current or are as a result of things that happened in childhood.  Relational psychotherapy is a way of working that enables both client and therapist to look at life events and the resulting difficulties that you may be experiencing, and find a way of moving forward that promotes healthy relationships and a more positive experience of being.

I am a BACP registered Psychotherapist and my practice is based in Bath.  I see a wide range of clients and work with issues that include anxiety, depression and bereavement, sexual abuse, rape and unresolved issues that arise from childhood.

You can book one initial consultation to talk about your current situation and any difficulties that you may be experiencing and we can decide together if I am the right therapist for you. We would then agree when to meet (day and time) and discuss confidentiality and fees.  We will meet for some initial sessions, usually about 6 weekly meetings, and then decide together if meeting for longer will be helpful.